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How is our Kombucha prepared How is it bottled?t?
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The transparent look behind the scenes!

We'll show you how our Kombucha is made, what we value in fermentation and what happens before you can drink the Kombuchery bottle. For this, the entire team was in our production and recorded every step for you.

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Ready to ferment?

Not quite yet! Because our production is only entered in protective clothing and after passing through a hygiene street.

Everything happens with a thorough quality assurance according to ISO 9001: 2015 and certification according to the International Featured Standard (IFS).

This ensures that you receive a safe product that not only meets the specified quality standards but also meets legal requirements.

The fermentation

Our kombucha is prepared in large stainless steel tanks. For this purpose, a mixture of black and green tea is used that contains neither flavors nor artificial additives.

Organic raw cane sugar is then added - as little as possible, as much as necessary - and our Raw Original as a starter liquid.

The tanks are covered with an air-permeable, clean cloth towel. The batch then ferments for 30 days and during this period the kombucha batch is constantly monitored and monitored.

Continue to bottling

When the kombucha has finished fermenting, it goes into the tanks of the filling machine.

Here our organic fruit juices and a small amount of carbonic acid are added.

The kombucha arrives at the bottling plant from these tanks. Our returnable bottles are put into the machine by hand. Here they are washed again before they are filled with our kombucha. After the lids have been closed by machine, the kombucha is put into the boxes by hand before it goes on to the labeling.


Before the kombucha comes from production to the warehouse, something is still missing: our label.

And that is brought to our bottles in this step.

For this purpose, the finished bottles are handcrafted to the next line of production. The machine applies the label to our bottles before they are then manually placed in our crates and prepared for shipping to the warehouse.


In this step, our boxes are made ready for dispatch. Our kombucha is then sent from production to the warehouse. From there, the kombucha will be delivered to your home. And then it's time to cool and enjoy!

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