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✓ Kombucha Subscription:20% discount

Kombucha Original 12x 330ml

  • Kombucha Original 12x 330ml
  • Kombucha Original 12x 330ml
  • Kombucha Original 12x 330ml
  • Kombucha Original 12x 330ml
  • Kombucha Original 12x 330ml
  • Kombucha Original 12x 330ml

Bio-Kombucha Original 12 Pack (330ml each)

Pure Kombucha-Erfrischung aus hochwertigem Bio-Tee
Kombucha ist probiotisch und enthält über 32 Nährstoffe
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Original Kombucha you will love

Less is more here in perfection! Because with our Kombucha Original , the focus is on the pure Kombucha taste:fine-tart with sparkling acidity and fine sweetness - nothing else! And best of all, there is hardly anything left of the sugar that the Kombucha cultures need after fermentation. Just lots of valuable nutrients that support your metabolism. That's why we love him! Fancy Kombucha on its own? Then enjoy the somewhat different thirst quencher - Kombucha in its purest form. Cheers!

All our organic ingredients (*from controlled organic cultivation) at a glance:
Fermented tea infusion (filtered water, raw cane sugar*, Sencha green tea*, kombucha cultures* (yeast* and bacterial cultures*), licorice root*, spices*), carbonic acid

Average nutritional values per 100ml:
Calorific value:38kJ/9kcal
of which sugar:2.4g
Contains minor amounts of fat, saturated fat, protein and salt.

Why does kombucha contain sugar?
The added raw cane sugar is needed for the fermentation. Microorganisms, such as yeast and bacterial cultures, require sugar as a food source. They then metabolize it, for example, into important nutrients and organic acids. At the time of bottling, we only have 2.4g of sugar per 100ml and it continues to ferment in the bottle. That is up to 50% less sugar than other kombucha manufacturers. Nevertheless, our delicious taste does not suffer!

A notice:
Our Kombucha may contain small amounts of alcohol (0.5%) due to natural fermentation. Therefore, we cannot recommend it for children or pregnant women.

Our Kombucha is naturally:
✓ Gluten Free, Grain Free, Oat Free, Corn Free, Soy Free and Wheat Free
✓ Lactose-free, egg-free and milk-protein-free

What is the Kombucha Subscription/regular delivery?
Our Kombucha Subscription is the most convenient way to regularly enjoy Kombucha at home! We will deliver your favorite flavor to your home at an interval specified by you. Best of all:You always save 20%!

You can pause or cancel the Kombucha Subscription at any time. There is no contract period or commitment. In your customer account, you can make any changes yourself with just one click.

That's how it's done:
1. Choose your favorite kombucha
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3. Simply order Kombucha, save and enjoy

Your advantages:
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✓ Can be paused or canceled independently at any time
✓ Secure payment methods:American Express, credit card, PayPal

What is kombucha?
Kombucha originated in Asia over 2000 years ago and is a fermented tea drink made from four natural organic ingredients.

During the weeks of fermentation, the bacteria and yeasts of the Kombucha culture metabolize the sugared tea infusion. This creates over 32 healthy nutrients, probiotics and vitamins. Thanks to these ingredients, kombucha is a nutrient bomb and has many health-promoting effects.

In the past, kombucha was often heated, filtered or pasteurized, consisted of concentrates and was loaded with sugar. So nothing was left of the many healthy effects - completely different with Kombuchery!

We make no compromises in manufacturing. Our kombucha is always raw and full of live microorganisms.

How should I store raw kombucha?
Our Kombucha is so fresh and naturally unpasteurized that it needs to be stored refrigerated between 4°C and 7°C. He also likes it dry and dark. So clear some space in the fridge or in the cool basement.

How long does raw kombucha keep?
We only ship our freshest bottlings. Our Kombucha has a shelf life of at least 3-6 months before delivery. This gives you more than enough time to enjoy your kombucha in peace.

Your healthy refreshment without compromise

Have you ever wondered how you refresh yourself on a daily basis? Kombuchery is the perfect alternative if water is too tasteless or sugared sodas are too unhealthy for you. Kombucha is a fermented tea made from natural organic ingredients. Over 32 healthy nutrients, probiotics and 9 vitamins are produced during fermentation. In the past, kombucha was often pasteurized and was a bland tea drink full of sugar. So nothing was left of the healthy effects - Not with us:Kombuchery is always raw, tingling in taste and low in calories.

Social and sustainable with every sip

Together with Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli eV we are building drinking water and sanitary facilities at a school in South Africa. We fill our organic kombucha with a lot of love in a social inclusion workshop in environmentally friendly reusable glass bottles. As a young startup, we are climate-positive and plant trees in the tropical forests of Panama to compensate.

Discover all our kombucha varieties

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    Kombucha Mixed Pack 12x 330ml

    Mixed Pack of 12

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  • Kombucha Berry Breeze 12x 330ml
    Kombucha Berry Breeze 12x 330ml

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  • Kombucha passion fruit 12x 330ml
    Kombucha passion fruit 12x 330ml

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  • Kombucha Mate 12x 330ml
    Kombucha Mate 12x 330ml


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  • Kombucha Original 12x 330ml
    Kombucha Original 12x 330ml


    Regular price 34,99€
    Unit price 8,84€  per  l

Why Kombuchery is good for you and your body?

Kombucha is the perfect addition to a balanced diet. With only 2.4g of sugar, Kombuchery is not only particularly low in calories, but also contains up to 77% less sugar than most lemonades and 50% less sugar than many other Kombucha.

The acetic acid it contains also stimulates the metabolism and can help the body break down fat.

As a young startup, sustainability is important to us and we are climate neutral. To this end, we promote the expansion of wind energy in north-eastern Brazil and offset all unavoidable emissions.

Together with Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V. we are also committed to global drinking water projects.

The many live and good bacteria from kombucha can be integrated into almost any diet and can help your intestines stay in a healthy balance and fight off bad bacteria. The enzymes it contains can also help the intestines to break down food into its individual parts and regulate metabolic processes.

However, kombucha can not only be good for the intestines! Organic acids such as glucuronic acid, dextrorotatory lactic acid and acetic acid, polysaccharides as well as enzymes, vitamins and minerals can be produced during fermentation.

We don't compromise. Kombuchery is healthy with 100% delicious taste.
We use healthy kombucha tea in its pure form as a base and combine it with organic fruit such as Ginger or Passion fruit. This creates a tingling and sweet and sour taste that you will love! Completely without aromas and artificial additives.

Kombuchery offers you the perfect alternative if you don't feel like unhealthy sodas or boring water.

Over 1 million bottles sold: That's why tens of thousands of enthusiastic customers love oursOriginal Kombucha!