Chinesische Mauer von Bergen umringt

All about the origin of the fermented tea drink

The fermentation of the tea drink has a long tradition

Over the past few centuries, some legends and myths have accumulated around Kombucha. Some even seem a little amusing. But they also show the long tradition of the drink with the unusual name and the many healthy onesingredients stands.

The tea drink is not a fad of the last few years and not an invention of the modern age. According to tradition, his birthplace is most likely somewhere in East Asia, Japan or China. For some time now, the fermented fermented drink has been produced and drunk, especially in eastern areas, from Eastern Europe to Russia and India.

Chinese legend of Kombucha

For one thing, a Chinese legend says that fermented tea drink was made around 247 BC. BC - 221 BC Was created. Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi had set himself in mind that he would achieve immortality. He commissioned an alchemist to brew a drink that would give him eternal life. The alchemist gave him kombucha. A few years after he got used to kombucha, he switched to pills and passed away. Well, he would have stayed with natural medicine.


chinesicher Pagodenbau von Bergen und Wald umringt


The Japanese Doctor Kombu as the namesake

However, the Japanese doctor Kombu may also be the namesake. The doctor with the name Kombi-ha-chimu-kamu-ki-mu is said to have been the last rescue of the dying emperor Inyokos in AD 414.. He gave the emperor a healing drink . According to legend, it is said to be an earlier form of the tea drink.

Japanese algae tea

The name Kombucha could also come from a Japanese seaweed tea „Kombu "- alga +" Cha "- tea =" Kombucha " be derived. A small mistake in the tradition could have crept in for centuries and today fermented tea has little to do with our tea drink.

Japanese samurai in the 10th century

It is possible that the Japanese samurai in the 10th century after Christ used kombucha to fuel their energy for the next battle. According to a legend, the samurai wore the miracle drink on their hips even then.

Today the tea drink is still on everyone's lips

Mostly known in Russia and the Balkans. The various family recipes are carefully guarded and passed on from generation to generation. Giving away a newly formed mushroom culture to another household connects the people there and strengthens the community.

The personal connection to Kombucha and the appreciation of the special drink is evident in the innumerable nicknames

“Japanese mother, Russian flower, Medusa tea, hero mushroom, magic mushroomuberpilz”

Kombucha Teepilz zwei grosse Glaeser Tuch Abdeckung

One thing is certain! There are countless loving stories about the drink, almost always about its healing and vitalizing effects.

By drinking kombucha, you are maintaining an age-old tradition. If you even make the drink yourself, you make it like the old Japanese and Chinese and keep the magic of the kombucha alive.

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